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Fun activities you'll do together with your kids during coronavirus lockdown

Indian Parents

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a lockdown as we self-isolate. Schools are closed and lots of folks are performing from home. this suggests that we’re spending tons of your time with our spouses and/or kids. While couples can use the time to reconnect with some fun activities, and ther…

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'Containing COVID-19 In Pune's Slum Areas Next Challenge': District Collector Naval Kishore Ram

Maharashtra has so far revealed 283 passings, the most elevated casualty rate among the states.

Pune ccovid19

Blockades are seen at Khadki Cantonment after seven relatives of a COVID-19 positive patient tried positive for the coronavirus contamination during an across the nation lockdown in the wake of co…

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How business intelligence will improve digital marketing ?

Business Intelligence lessons from Shubindia

The digital age is continuously changing with the power of data-driven applications, business intelligence, and tools such as social media networks, search engine etc.

The business today has been customer-centric where, before buying it, customer testing about their company has been. The …

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Top 5 Things to remember when searching for an ad agency

advertising pune"Properly practiced imagination can make one ad do the job of ten," said Bill Bernbach, 
legendary ad man. Thus, hiring the right agency is vital decision for the company. 
This can also make 
your brand, or ruin this. 

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For what reason do Brands feel important to remember clients for their crusades?

For what reason do Brands feel important to remember clients for their crusades? 

The deep rooted state "Client is King" reverberates even today in the advanced universe of marking and promoting. Regardless of the adjustment in times and the evolvement in systems applied to lure the clients, the…

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Viral ads: Internet chaos of everyday - Shubindia

In the present age and cleverness, we witness a huge number of commercials turning into a web sensation each other day. Would could it be that they do? While a portion of the advertisements go unnoticed, others go carelessly popular connecting with pretty much every edge of the world. Ever thought a…

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Client-Agency Relationships in Shubindia

As cutoff times draw nearer and requests start to build it isn't unexpected to hear grievances inside the advertising business, relating to both the customer and the organization. And keeping in mind that constrain will in general draw out the best or most exceedingly awful of both, maybe it is the …

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Is social media marketing worth the investment?

As brands feel more confident in what they are getting for their ad spend, will social media platforms – some of the most attractive walled-gardens – still be worth the effort? Author: Erin Norman


The revelation that Cambridge Analytica, through Facebook, was able to gain access to mi…

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How to Increase Your AdSense Clicks: 3 Excellent Ways to Harness Google Power

Adsense can be a great way to earn some extra revenue from your online presence. But if you’ve tried to get people to click on your ads, you know it’s not easy. You can put up tons of content, spend hours promoting your site, use Adsense’s best practices . . . and still fail to make money from …

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Top 10 Advertising Agencies In Pune

There are many advertising agencies in pune. Here is the list of top 10 advertising agencies in Pune,












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