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How to execute outdoor advertising campaigns with short and long term success ?

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Short-term success witness light of the day quite early – especially once you are trying to find success by selling products like concert tickets. Longtime successes take time but long lasting in nature than the short-term ones. Out-of-home advertising can assist you achieve both sorts of successes if implemented accurately.
Whereas, there won't be the other medium which will handle both these mediums simultaneously. And even with the assistance of smart billboards, you'll easily share your ideas with the audience .
So, the way to achieve both long-term and short term goals utilizing the facility of outside media? Let’s determine within the later a part of the article.

Short-Term Success Using Outdoor Advertising

Initially, you would like to make a technique as you never know that your campaign may be a success or not unless you set your audience . It also counts on what you would like to feature through your advertisement.

• Informing people a few special discount
• Spread your business through word of mouth
• Advertising a release date for an album

Short-term goals are basically a group of activities; you would like people to urge engaged together with your product. this sort of advertising goals are often measured and analyzed. I.e. you'll easily track what proportion merchandise is sold during a purchase you advertised on an ad compared to the sale you probably did not advertise. Most of the short-term campaigns succeed thanks to their instant impact.

Long-Term Success Using Outdoor Advertising

In almost 90% of the cases, the target of long-term campaigns is to determine the brand for a corporation . You set your long-term campaign to get awareness and tell the audience why they ought to try your product.
For example, there are some cafes in your locality but you installed an ad claiming to be the simplest kitchen appliance . Now, why should people choose yours over others? Because you look after something, that draws people.
Apart from the above strategy, another sort of attractions are often to offer 5 percent of profit to a charity or for a noble cause. If you specialise in your niche in your advertising and switch it into your calling card, you'll draw many of us to your restaurant.

Examples of long-term goals may include

• Increasing profits per annum 
• Creating more brand awareness
• Fulfilling all the short-term objectives

Short-term success won't work for the long-term one

Short-term success are often a neighborhood of future -goal but it cannot guarantee the consistency within the long term success. While the strategy more or less remains an equivalent but the difference lies within the implementation. A customer visiting your store after noticing an ad advertisement may buy your product but can also ditch the brand once return home.
Optimal mix may be a great combination for billboard advertisement which is distributed within the 40:60 ratio. The distribution works in 40% for short-term goals and 60% for the long-term one. the combination works in other media also, like digital media.

What is Flighting and the way can it boost your billboard advertisement?

Flighting stands for optimum. I.e. most companies stand back from the last or fourth-quarter because it remains noisy. Everyone wants to run their campaign on holidays and one can stray within the cacophony. during this case, a long-term advertising strategy are often placed on board and stop new ad-spent until the beginning of the New Year .
If your ad isn't time sensitive like in holidays or discounted sale, you'll schedule your ad at any point of your time and therefore the best bet is to shop for the inventories while they're cheap.

Many advertisers can afford to be choosy if their goal may be a long-term one and therefore the budget is specified. Further, one can expand their ad budget and invest it in other OOH platforms such as:
• Bus Shelters
• Auto Back Panels
• In-theatre advertising

Each ad platform are often tried as flickering through these ad formats might help within the expansion of brand name awareness and building the brand for an extended term return.

What is the difference between rational and emotional Outdoor Advertisement?

Short-term outdoor advertising is taken into account rational. You get benefits of choosing a specific brand –the customer saves tons after a couple of purchases.
Long-term outdoor advertising is taken into account emotional. your cash in on the emotional benefits of choosing your brand, something that connects with people and gets established over time. Emotional advertising doesn't mean trapping customers rather it appeals emotionally to your audience that reciprocally strikes in their mind for an extended time.

The One-day Billboard and other stunts: Can they benefit you in your branding?

This is the newest trend which will be noticed across the world . Companies are putting up billboards just for each day . Thereafter, an equivalent campaign is shared and promoted across social media channels to interact a better number of audiences and rip long-term benefits.
In most of the cases, one can purchase a digital billboard to form the one-day flight a hit as buying a standard billboard would be costly and may backfire if not implemented properly. But if you've got some effective pictures you'll tweet them for a month-long digital stunt leading to the long-term success of a short-term campaign.

Creating Desire and establishing a relationship

At the top of the day, success for each campaign translates to the meeting of their goals. Outdoor advertising can boost both your future and short-term goals.
When you can create a buzz for your product and build an efficient relationship together with your customers, you've got achieved your goal.

And, if you're still unsure and need any help, you'll contact us for guiding and helping you throughout this process.

~Shubindia Ad Works, Advertising Agency

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