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How business intelligence will improve digital marketing ?

Business Intelligence lessons from Shubindia

The digital age is continuously changing with the power of data-driven applications, business intelligence, and tools such as social media networks, search engine etc.

The business today has been customer-centric where, before buying it, customer testing about their company has been. The digital world is on the verge of emerging disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics of big data etc. Here businesses are embracing smart technology to make strategic steps towards achieving successful customer service.

What is Knowledge at Business?


Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-oriented process in which business data is collected and analysed. The insights gained from the collection of this knowledge are helping companies make specific decisions. The latest BI solutions launched on the market are capable of processing a large amount of information in seconds and of producing complete actionable reports.

Know Your Customer

BI offers a complete view of your clients. Also sophisticated BI tools offer your marketing campaign insights into customer behavior for driving power. The data gathered from them are used to get a customer's information. Social networking outlets include data obtained from various social networks, in the form of comments, updates, shares, likes etc. The BI methods have the potential to perform sentiment analysis for demographic data such as operations. Businesses may analyze the overall traffic on their website using analytics. They can also test area, a page with the highest traffic, accessibility mode etc.

Company can use the keywords that can produce high traffic. Using such keywords will draw more visitors to the website.

Real-Time Analytics

Every week, even daily, the data flowing across the internet shifts. Real-time data is needed to provide fresh data for your marketing campaigns. Real-time analysis of data increases the marketing efficiency by reducing unnecessary upfront costs. You can enter Big Data Hadoop Training to learn how to create visualization, organize data and automate the work on the basis of trained data. You can also understand how the data can be associated with your company plan here. It will allow you to analyze unstructured data that has emerged from your business. To track all marketing platforms, marketers can leverage real-time data analytics. They will share goods and decide where to invest more or less on different media channels. Companies may also respond to their real-time customer question. According to a survey, 52 per cent of customers want a fast response to their feedback or other inquiries that have been made.

AI's presence in CRM software helps workers act as a virtual assistant to make them more successful. It can automate response from customers, info, follow-ups, events, emails etc. AI-enabled CRM tools boost the segmentation, configure hot leads and prioritize them.

Big Data Hadoop Shubindia

Email Marketing

Companies use AI to design optimal email marketing strategies according to individual user behaviour. They will then link to more people and make them a professional lead. ML algorithms analyze data from customers and tell them which time of the week is best to contact them. This also includes data such as which form of content most attracts them, which form of title most time clicked on. To launch an successful email marketing campaign, all those matrices are required.

User Searches

So long has passed the conventional way of doing internet search. The new search model inherits dual behavior: RankBrain and voice-based search. Yeah, AI has enhanced the standard methods of search engine optimisation and quest. The introduction of automated products such as Amazon Echo, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home etc., enables people to search for the voice.

Google estimates that 70 per cent of Google searches are in a normal, conversational language. This includes only some of the standard keywords. Google's ML algorithm, dubbed RankBrain, was used to perform appropriate searching. The voice command is translated according to the language or meaning to give the user the results. A business that has expertise in managing voice searches will very effectively manage its organic traffic.

The Predictive analytics

The predictive analysis uses analytical, statistical algorithms, ML techniques to infer from the knowledge gathered on the future results. Predictive analyzes already give power to different industrial operations. The marketing effect can be observed too. Such ML models estimate the probability of client being a prospect. This also helps them to agree about their commodity rates and discounts. Predictive models are ideally suited for data of decent quality, unless the data is so successful you may not produce the desired results.

Thus, the implementation of BI should boost the preparation of the marketers to the stage of works delivery. A huge thank you to data for providing companies with straight thinking and rational decision-making.

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