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Fun activities you'll do together with your kids during coronavirus lockdown

Indian Parents

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a lockdown as we self-isolate. Schools are closed and lots of folks are performing from home. this suggests that we’re spending tons of your time with our spouses and/or kids. While couples can use the time to reconnect with some fun activities, and therefore the kids are homeschooling, what happens during those few hours once we have a while on our hands?
It’s easy to fall under the trap of watching TV or scrolling online for hours on end. But you’re sure to get bored because the days pass. 

Corona Virus Lockdown Kids

Below are some fun activities you'll do together with your kids during the lockdown.

1. Make cooking fun 
This is the simplest time to impart some lessons on your kids. Learning the way to cook is a crucial life skill. And what better thanks to starting than with baking. most youngsters love cake so why not make their favourite cake or cookies together. There are many recipes for easy cakes and cookies online that you simply can use. Getting your child involved in activities like these will keep them occupied for a short time keeping them out of mischief as they learn new skills.

2. Play dress up
The other day my daughter asked to play dress up. I assumed she wanted to decorate up as a princess or something. Then she asked for my dress and jewellery and handbag. She wanted to decorate up like me. I used to be flattered and in fact, I said yes. Allow your kids to urge adventurous as they play dress up. Children get older in no time and before you recognize it, they're going to feel too old for imaginary games. cash in of this point to play a touch fantasy.

3. Get crafty

There are many craft projects you'll do from the comfort of your home, and with items that are already in your house. Search online for crafting activities you'll do with toilet tissue, as an example. you'll also cut out paper snowflakes, stars and flowers and use them to embellish your child’s room. 


4. Play outside 

If you've got space outside, exit and obtain some fresh air. Staying cooped up indoors are often challenging for your psychological state so going outside will do one some good. Games like hopscotch and skipping will allow you to try to some exercise and take you back to your childhood.

5. pack up games 

Since we’re spending such a lot of time reception the home is sure to get messy. Get your children to assist out with the housework by making a game out of unpolluted uptime. they will race to ascertain who finishes first or whose room is that the neatest. Reward them with their favourite meal or sleeping later. Rewards are great ways to encourage your children to require part in housework but take care to not make this the top all be all. 

6. Follow their lead 

Children have an uncanny ability to urge creative. they're going to come up with all kinds of games from the most random things. If they are available up with a game and need you to require a part, follow their lead. 
As you spend longer together with your family during this point, observe memories and take photos of happy times. It’s very easy to urge consumed altogether that's happening within the world that we forget to recognise the happy moments happening right ahead, folks. Make every effort to enjoy the time reception whilst you stay safe.


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