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'Containing COVID-19 In Pune's Slum Areas Next Challenge': District Collector Naval Kishore Ram

Maharashtra has so far revealed 283 passings, the most elevated casualty rate among the states.

Pune ccovid19

Blockades are seen at Khadki Cantonment after seven relatives of a COVID-19 positive patient tried positive for the coronavirus contamination during an across the nation lockdown in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, in Pune. (PTI) 

A 53-year-old Coronavirus positive patient spent away on Tuesday night, causing significant damage in Pune region to 55, authorities from the wellbeing division said. The city has been distinguished as one of the hotspots in India for COVID-19. Maharashtra has so far revealed 251 passings, the most noteworthy casualty rate among the states. 

Maritime Kishore Ram, District Collector, Pune, talks with Outlook's Rajat Mishra on the means being taken to contain the spread of the lethal disease in the city. 


Why would that be an expansion in the quantity of cases in Pune? 

There are two different ways to take a gander at it. To start with, to get stressed in the wake of taking a gander at the quantity of cases as there are around in excess of 700 cases in the city. However, another approach to see this is I have a very focused on way to deal with follow cases. We have a higher number of cases in view of forceful observation and testing. We have framed 1000 groups, each containing three individuals and a police constable. 

There were numerous poor patients attempting to smother their infection and not coming out. We have attempted to follow individuals even with influenza like indications. We have likewise visited physicist shops to discover who is purchasing Paracetamol without solution. We have given a roundabout under Epidemic Act that names of individuals who are purchasing these medications with no remedy ought to be imparted to us. We have additionally made 75 influenza centers in specific zones. Influenza centers go about as the main section point for suspected and symptomatic patients. 

Anyway, what is your technique ahead? 

Now, I realize whatever I state won't be simple for anybody to understand as a result of the high number of cases in the city. I need to test more individuals. I need to discover progressively symptomatic people. 

Would you be able to disclose to us the hotspots in the city? 

We have partitioned the city into 37 zones. I chose this with police magistrate that even inside zones we should discover delicate spots like a specific region, building or certain provinces and social orders. Since containing a little topographical region and securing it is progressively productive and attainable. There are a few territories like Bhawani Peth, Hadapsar, Kondhwa, Guddekeri, Kasarwadi and Kasba Peth and others, and we are giving a valiant effort to discover more. 

What is the status of testing in Pune? Do you have enough units? 

Truly, we are not confronting any issue on the testing front. We are trying in excess of 600 cases per day; some of the time up to 700-800. We have set up an objective of testing even 1,000 examples per day now. 

Would you be able to share subtleties of the passings announced so far in Pune? 

There are just a few situations where they were not having comorbidity. In different cases, the patients were either diabetic or experienced some disease. So just a few patients out of the all out number were having no comorbidity and they surrendered because of poor safe framework. 

What are the difficulties, assuming any, that you're confronting? 

Until a couple of days back, workers in Pune didn't have a spot to live. So we sorted out work camps. Presently, the test before us is to contain cases in ghetto regions. We presently have a multi-pronged methodology and are giving a valiant effort to contain this pandemic.

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Source:- (Outlook India,Rajat Mishra)

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